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Working on version 4.0 but as you can tell - slowly. Currently suspended work until further notice but WILL one day finish this. Keep checking back or get me on YouTube to harass me

Will feature new 'All inside' version for vehicles, as well as fixes, improvements and perhaps some surprises! Keep an eye out.


PS - do you know what would really motivate me? If NerdCubed did a challenge or video using this mod - I mean it's his favourite game! I left him a message but he's not got it - why don't you guys contact him too? :)

The Completely Sober Guide to Installing JC2FPS youtube video now available! For everyone who likes to mock semi-sober people, or can't install the mod. Watch in HD

Click here

A big thanks to those involved in making it work on PS3 - google it guys

This is the first ever Just Cause 2 Complete-First-Person mod. Now you can enjoy the entire game from the point of view of Rico, experiencing the intense thrills, action and adventure like never before! Explore the beautiful island, and cause chaos with your own two hands with this game-transforming mod. Panau never seemed so real.....

*Youtube Video Clicky*

Well over 100 hours have gone into tweaking every little detail to make this mod as perfect and professional as the game engine will allow. An entirely new vehicles first person mod has been invented, putting the others to shame and going where no other has gone before - to ALL boats and ALL planes! All other aspects of the game are first person: parachuting, swimming, diving, reeling, hanging, running, shooting, crouching...it goes on and on! Well over 80 cameras adjusted with love, new cameras created from scratch to bring you the definitive, and only Just Cause 2 First Person Mod: JC2FPS by Kaii.

This mod is free for all, and I do not intend to make any money from copyright materials - nor do I deserve any money whatsoever for anything to do with Just Cause 2, but if you wish to donate to me, personally, out of the goodness of your heart then you are more than welcome to! Only ONE person has so far! ONE!!


Installation Instructions:

Download the 'JC2FPS v3.0 by Kaii.rar' archive and extract it (anywhere). Follow ALL the instructions inside. They are simple, but must be followed exactly for the mod to work.

Unfortunately this mod does not (and can NEVER) allow you to switch between 1st and 3rd person cameras in game (except for vehicles). It is just used to change the game. To uninstall, simply remove the files you added when you installed. You can reinstall whenever you want, depending on your mood.

  • Please leave feedback, comments, questions and requests here, or if you want a reply on the forum page (your opinion is vital for perfecting the mod):


Credits go to Prof_Farnsworth for his first-person parachute mod (which I used for the parachutes), and his ideas that led to the creation of this mod, to powerslave212 for his Superman Flying mod v4, which I included and made a first person camera for, and lastly credit  to Tool2Heal for his First Person Land Vehicles v2.1 mod, from which I used the reverse third person cameras. Also a big thanks to Hendel for his collection of the entire Arc-file contents that made it much easier and faster to make this mod. Nice work! Lastly, credits to shadowce9, CruzerXcrossXfire, Nazralte, Joubarbe and JazzGuru in the forums for pointing out bugs and suggesting improvements that have helped make the mod what it is. Let them be an inspiration to us all!


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18 Jul 2013
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12 Jul 2011
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+1 #63 Human 2 2014-04-10 07:01
Too many files .... makes me confused
+4 #62 aidancol 2014-03-20 00:43
can you make 1 whare your third person only when you walk around and first when you use cars, planes, free fall and para plz
0 #61 UntoldAv3nGer 2014-03-16 05:11
This is pretty much my favorite mod of all time. Pair this with BoloPatch and SloMo Trainer and you got yourself one kickass game.
+4 #60 Kaii 2014-03-03 14:38
Quoting dvorsky:
there u go://www.mediafire.com/?ihioiki7i5o95e

Dvorsky, please remove this...

Guys, please try to use the actual download provided by this site. Gives me a sense of how many people are downloading it!

Please, I've only had $7 of total donations, so this is the only joy I am getting from this mod - seeing how many people download it!!!
0 #59 Homedawg1 2014-01-26 22:25
You should upload this to NexusMods.com. They just added a section for Just Cause 2.
+1 #58 starwolf11 2013-11-30 14:27
Works Great but im Not getting FP on foot only in vehicles fix?
+1 #57 topagaming 2013-11-25 01:05
mr.cubed is awesome and will do what is best i have faith
0 #56 JosephTheGreat 2013-11-23 02:54
All I get is a bunch of coding please help!
-15 #55 Acieon 2013-10-18 15:03
Actually, now Nerd Cubed's favorite game is GTA 5.
+14 #54 dvorsky 2013-09-02 10:01
there u go://www.mediafire.com/?ihioiki7i5o95eu

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