Because the site has been running on old and outdated software for a long time, we think it's time for an overhaul. We're also expanding our modding community to cover a wide range of next generation games. We're doing this as a result of the recent announcement of Just Cause 3, and the exciting news that the developers will be supportive of the JC3 modding community, even though no tools will be released.

This new network of modding sites will be called VGMods (Video Game Mods). We will be supporting eight games at launch such as Dying Light, GTA V, Star Citizen and Mafia II along with a few others. Your Just Cause 2 Mods login will work seemlessly across these new sites with no extra registration needed, and there will be a quick way to jump between them.

The new and improved Just Cause 2 Mods has been a work in progress for a few months and there's only a few more days before it's up and running. The site has been temporarily disabled to ensure no new uploads or posts are missed when moving over to the new site.

I look forward to sharing what I have been working on!

- Zenin

Top 15 Mods

01. Everything Unlocked in Blackmarket
02. Increased Grapple Range
03. Unlimited Ammo
04. BOLO Patch
05. Superman Flying Mod
06. Black Market Module
07. God Mode
08. ZXZ Black Market Mod
09. Black Market Mod
10. 99% Savegame
11. Explosion Triggered Mine
12. Grapple Range
13. HD Clouds
14. Grappling Params
15. Just Cause 2 First Person Mode