100% Completion now possible with new mod!

Written by Zenin on .

Jusupov has released a mod that FINALLY allows just cause 2 players to complete the game with 100%, the proper way.
"This mod adds the missing watertower at the correct location (X:18111,Y:15326). It also adds the 3 missing vehicle crates and the 3 missing weapon crates to the same area. These combined allow for 100% completion." - Jusupov
You must have the world location settings mod in order to use this mod first, Download this First
100% Completion Mod





-1 #3 jabarcosnico 2012-10-04 12:04
os dejo un video yo tengo el 100% y merece la pena
0 #2 dexty 2012-06-12 19:15
does it also solve 84% glitch in "kampung cicak hitam" ??location x:4467 , y:30328 ,
i detroyed everything here but still it is at 84% . [it seems that in this village , the panay statue here must be destroyed first and not at the last to get 100%]
+2 #1 hiperborejai 2012-03-16 22:43
Thank you so much!!!

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